Friday, June 13, 2008


i forgot to add, she started kissing with her mouth closed!!
and she said bad :)

stanley park

we went to stanley park again today, with christina and chloe. the girls are so funny, because they're starting to play together, instead of just side by side. they played with a ball, and they ran all over the place. chloe got upset at me when i started warning/counting for avery. it was so funny. they're so little, and so full of personality! it was a really long day, and avery had a bit of a meltdown towards the know, the little kind that the whole freaking park can hear! you should have seen some of the looks i got from people. oh well, i know it was my fault for pushing her past her naptime. we dont' do it all the time, so i am fine with it. she's such a good girl. she and chloe chased a squirrel, talked to the geese, fed the ducks, climbed the stairs, ran around in the grass, and we didn't even go near the swings! they really seemed to have a good time. listening to them talk together (yes, they conversed in the language of babies) was the most adorable thing ever. their gibberish, mixed with their laughter, was precious. they also tried to help each other, chloe tried to get avery into the wagon with her, and avery grabbed chloes hand when she wanted chloe to follow her somewhere.

and what was funny was, when christina told chloe "we're going to see avery" and when i told avery "we're going to see chloe", they both looked around, and avery even clapped and cheered! i wonder if they remember each other's names to the point that they remember when we say them.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

her words...

avery is talking like crazy. she tries to copy everything we say (dangerous!) and has even started putting two or three words together. of course, not all of her words come out right....she calls kitties "titties"! She also points to people and says "poop", but daddy taught her that one. she called me "honey" yesterday - it was so funny! she had shut the bathroom door on herself, and wanted me to come open it, so she called honey, honey :) she calls her aunties "ti-ti", which can get some strange looks...and when she says sit...sometimes it sounds like shit. it's really funny to watch people's faces when they hear her talking, because they're not quite sure what she is saying.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

so much to know...

maybe we should have started researching all this stuff about two years before we had a baby...but the more i learn, the more i feel like there's so much more to learn! so this week, it's parabens. so we are going to switch back to the 7th generation diapers and wipes because even though i don't think they are as good as cloth, they at least don't contain dioxin and chlorine. i think my goal is just to try to potty train her as soon as possible, but right now, it definitely looks hopeless. she has no interest whatsoever in the big potty. i have to bring her little one in the bathroom and see what kind of a reaction it gets. most likely, that's where i will find her cups and books, as she has taken to stashing things in the most unlikely places. i open a cupboard to find her raisins, her sippy cups are in the bib drawer, her toothbrush is inside one of her boxed toys...its a fun phase :)

i wish cloth diapers would have worked out for her, and maybe we'll try them for the next baby, but they just gave her such a rash! i think it was something in the detergent the service used, because we tried even changing her every hour and it wouldn't clear up. and then we were using a lot of diaper ointment, which i didn't really like either. and i couldn't get another service, because i had to beg this guy to even take us - the one in deerfield said no way, and the only other one close was in bloomfield, ct, but since he had deliveries in suffield, he said okay. we'll call him if we do it again, he was so nice. but i have also, since then, heard about these other diapers that have flushable inserts...hmmmm.

it just seems like there is so much to know, and so little time to know it in!