Wednesday, July 22, 2009

avery's styling some of katie's clip-on earrings...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009

happy 4th of july

we've been very busy! here's a briefing of the last couple of days.....
monday we went to 6 Flags for the first time:

thursday we went to Boston for the day, and peter was sworn in as a new citizen of the USA!

after the oath, the court clerk asked for all the children of the newly sworn in citizens to come up on stage and help lead the pledge of allegiance - once she was up on the stage in the courthouse, jason bay (red sox left-fielder), who was also being sworn in that day, went up to lead the pledge, and gave avery a high five on his way up the stairs!

friday we went to westfield for the fireworks display:

avery had to go potty, so daddy took her into the woods because the portapotty line was too long for a tiny two year old bladder :)

when we got in the car to go home, we asked her if she had fun. she said she liked the boom in sky, it was so pretty, she had to go potty, and she was scared of the woods = when peter asked her why she was scared, she said "because i need you, daddy"..... awwwwww!!

Emery, these were your first fireworks! before they started, we sat on the blanket and played with you - you have started "talking" so much! you just make noises all the time, even if noone is talking with you! you've also started laughing a little bit - you're very fun to entertain and you always make us smile! when the fireworks started, you had just drifted off, but you woke up right away with a furrowed brow. every "boom" you would peek out from under your blanket and gaze at the sky, and then snuggle back under until the next. you fell completely asleep about half way through, and slept the whole walk back to the car. i love these snuggly times with you, and i can't believe how fast the time is going. already when i'm holding you, you arch your back and try to wiggle around so that you are facing the world. you always want to see what's going on - i love when i'm nursing you and you stop and look up at me with milk dribbling, then smile a big smile and go back to eating - these moments are so precious to me!
Avery, these were your third fireworks, and daddy and i can vividly remember your first. this year, instead of mostly snuggling with us, you wanted to play with katie and van...running around in the grass, chasing the ball. laying on your belly with them, looking at pictures on daddy's phone, you looked like such a big girl - i almost couldn't see the baby anymore. but then when the fireworks started, you crawled into daddy's lap, wrapped in your blankey (puppy side up, of course), and curled right into that spot in his arm that you've loved since you were 2 months old, and i saw my baby. you were actually a little scared of the fireworks this year - not at first, but after a few of them had come up, you started to cry a little. daddy asked you what was wrong, and you said they were coming to get you...he said, they're so far away avery, as far away as the moon, and i will protect you. you calmed right down and started laughing at how big and bright they were - you and daddy have a beautiful relationship.
these are the moments i want to have forever, because before we even turn around....