Monday, July 14, 2008

her little toes...

poor baby. we went to the doctors this morning, because she has a little infection in her big toe. it's partly an ingrown toenail, and partly because this weekend, we were playing outside barefoot and she stubbed her toe. so, it got a little infected. it doesn't seem to be causing her much pain, but it looks painful. the doctor said we just have to soak it in epsom salt twice a day, and put neosporin on it. peter is such a good dad, he's been taking care of it for the last few days, and this is exactly what he said to do. i have to trust him more, but he also wanted to go to the doctors, just to make sure.

she also started sucking on her toes...obviously, we are discouraging that because its gross:) but she does it when she's in her carseat, and thinks its hilarious when we tell her to stop...silly girl.

she likes to grab other people's toes too, and say " tee tee tee", which is her version of "tickle, tickle, tickle". sometimes, she'll even "tee tee" her own toes...and she loves doing it to other kids.

her feet are growing like crazy...she was just in a size four this spring, and she's already completely outgrown those, barely fits into a 5, so is comfortably wearing a 5 1/2, or 6. she has big feet just like her mommy.

daddy painted her toes a little while ago, i forgot to take pictures, so we'll have to do it again. they were a pretty pink to match her dress for auntie heather's bridal shower.

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