Monday, November 3, 2008

trick or treat

avery was a doctor for halloween...we went trick or treating with two of her friends and their families, and we all had a great time! avery tried to stop after each house, and would pull out the candy piece she just got, throw her bag on the ground, and start saying "open? open?" we managed to make it through the night without sugar overload by giving her one m&m after each house. of course, that apparently meant daddy had to help her eat all her candy!! :) after trick or treating, we went to the church for a "fat soul" concert where avery showed off what a great dancer she is! she was even head banging at one point - it was hilarious, and so much fun to spend this time with her.

avery, ambulance & patient

chloe, avery & elise = bff

you just know she's saying "what? i don't know where all the candy went!"

and she's a singer :)

dance, baby, dance!

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