Monday, December 1, 2008


we had a wonderful thanksgiving! it was a pretty relaxed day, although we did have to go to 4 gas stations to find a newspaper, and bailee took off for a little neighborhod jaunt (peter found her and brought her back)...we still had time to go for a nice long walk and watch some of the parade.

we hosted for my family, so we had 14 people in our little house, but it was nice and cozy. avery was such a good eater...she ate her turkey and green beans and stuffing and mashed potatoes...she really likes cranberry sauce, but does not like butternut squash. she was pretty vocal about it, too..she pointed to everything else on her plate, and said "i like it, i like it, i like it"..and when she got to the squash, "i no like it" and covered it up with her hands.

we hope all of you had a great thanksgiving too!

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