Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the adventures of the ellis girls...

emery is four weeks old today - we have gone out several times since she was born, and i've even taken the girls out by myself several times. it usually goes well, but sometimes its stressful. today was not - we woke up and got ready right away to go to the SS office to apply for emery's SS#. when we got there, though, it was 20 minutes before it opens, and there was a line of about 30 people already. emery hates her car seat, and i didnt' want to wait in the line that was in the parking lot with avery, so we drove up to peter's work to drop off his water bottle (where he told me i could apply by mail for her SS...yay!). so we left there, and went to the grocery store. avery was wonderful in the carriage, and since emery slept in the sling the whole time, i was able to focus on keeping avery occupied. when we left, though, emery woke up and started crying, which quickly escalated into screaming, so i decided i'd have to pull over and feed her. i stopped by a park that was on our way so that avery could play while i was feeding emery. this is the first time i've really nursed in front of people - there were two mommies with their kids and one daddy. awkward when the daddy's little girl came right over to me and was trying to talk to the baby and touch her, so then the daddy came over....but i don't think he knew what i was doing until he was right next to us (yay to me for discreet nursing) and then he was just talking to his little girl and they went and played on the playground...avery was great, going up the stairs and down the slides and talking to me while doing both :) then we came home, where i was able to put away all the groceries, even washing and slicing all the vegetables to go into tupperware in the fridge for easy access. emery went down for a nap, and avery and i ate lunch (on time...wow!) and then avery went to bed. and here i am, when i should probably be sleeping myself. but instead am fiddling around on the computer...oh well. life is good today.

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