Monday, June 8, 2009

she loves her "stister"

i just wanted to write about some of the things avery does with emery before i forget - they're both changing and growing so fast! avery still calls emery "babyQ" sometimes, but if you ask her the baby's name, she says emery. she calls emery her "stister" and will randomly come up to her and say "this is my stister, she's so cute, i love her so much!" whenever we're in the car, she reaches over into emery's car seat to hold her hand, and usually holds it for the whole trip. when emery starts crying, she'll say "it's okay emery, we're almost there, mommy's coming, it's okay". she has also started taking away emery's pacifier when we're in the car, and hiding it....hmm not a fun game for mommy! when i'm driving, and reaching behind me into em's carseat to find her pacifier, avery will tell me "not there, not there, over there" - like we're playing hot/cold to find the binkie :)

avery has also started calling us "guys" - come on guys, come see what avery's doing - guys, are we ready to leave? - i'm going to get a toy, okay guys?

she has started the fine art of procrastinating bed time - needing a drink, to go potty, another blanket - anything she can think of, so we've started telling her that it's bed time, and we are done answering her. so she'll lay in bed, calling "daddy.........daddy............PETER!" we both have to pause before we anser because we're laughing.

emery is getting bigger too - she was 10 lbs at a 6 week checkup (although, she's a month old in these pictures). she's really started cooing at us and smiling more - she's very talkative first thing in the morning, after she eats. she's still got big beautiful bright blue eyes - everyone comments on them - and her hair is already coming back in after losing the newborn fuzz. it looks dark, but you never know. my prediction is she'll have shoulder length medium brown hair by her first birthday....peter and i think that while avery was the spitting image of him, and still is, emery's looking a little bit more like her momma. :) it's funny though, because she also looks like avery - its the coolest thing, creating people!

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