Tuesday, August 4, 2009

she's a big girl!

even if she looks like a peanut, she is trying to leave infancy behind far too quickly for mommy & daddy. emery had her first giggle and even a full- blown laugh, a few weeks ago...what do you think she was laughing at? her big sister, of course! she rolled over from back to tummy for the first time two days ago - she's movin' and shakin'. and although there's no evidence yet, we think she's teething because of all the chewing and biting and hands in the mouth...it is early, but avery started all this around 4 1/2 mos and had her first tooth at 6 - emery is 10 days shy of 4 months old, so...

emery - you are growing too fast!! you are a very happy girl, usually smiling and laughing at everyone. you really like to be held facing out, so you can see your world and what's going on in it - in fact, if held the other way, you'll fuss until whoever is holding you gets the hint. you adore avery (who adores you right back!) and while you're still a mommy's girl right now, you love your time with daddy holding you and talking to you (he's talking to you only in russian). you are also very noisy - you will talk/sing/vocalize to anyone who will listen, and if no one is listening, you'll talk to yourself for quite a while. whenever avery laughs, you will crack up, giving me a glimpse into the joy (and trouble) i'm in for with two girls so close together. i can't wait to enjoy life with both of you girls, and see who you grow into

but please don't grow too fast...

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