Monday, October 5, 2009

it's been too long...

it has been too long since i've updated! i thought things would slow down once we got into september - you know, back into a routine - but it's taken all the way into october.

we had a very busy summer - with grandma & grandpa, uncle goga & babushka lucia visiting us, trips to 6 flags, the beach, NYC, camping in the cape, visiting friends, swimming lessons, citizenship - it's exhausting remembering it all.

emery is sitting up all by herself - and she is very close to crawling. she loves to get up on all fours and rock back and forth. she'll scoot to get something (if she's interested), and she has tasted an apple, carrot and ice cream (thanks, daddy.) no teeth yet, but i think they might be coming soon. she is a happy, happy girl, always laughing and smiling, who loves being held by mommy, tickled by daddy, and entertained by avery.

avery is so funny. she likes to feed her babies from her "boobies" and wear them in a sling. she plays with her stove and makes dinner; she colors and draws; she rides her trike; she knows all her letters and numbers 1-10, she knows left from right, she quotes movies, she pretends she's a puppy named "webster" and brings a blanket and bowl for herself all over the house. she loves getting her back rubbed, and she is still eating everything we put in front of her, even though sometimes it takes a little coaxing. actually, at the big e last week, she didn't even like the cotton candy, but was thrilled to have chowder, cider, and raspberries (of course, she also enjoyed chocolate and maple candy).

avery starts dance class with auntie heather next week - i'm not sure if she understands what it is all about, but i am extremely excited for her!

we are doing good - ready for fall and loving life.
oh - we are blessed.

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