Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas eve

we've had a couple presents from grandma and grandpa under our tree, since we got our tree! the girls have been great leaving the presents alone, except for the last two days, during which emery has repeatedly tried opening hers...unsuccessfully. today, however, avery helped auntie lanie wrap gifts for her boyfriend, chris, and so when chris came to our door, avery asked auntie lanie if it was time to open presents...she said chris would open his, and as he came into the kitchen to say hi to me, avery ripped open her present from grandma and grandpa and ran into the kitchen with such joy and excitement on her face as she showed me her "camera from grandma grandpa!" her little feet couldn't stop dancing as we decided to let her open it today.

so we had a wonderful day, and she took a bazillion pictures, and as we put her to bed (after she took her own pictures of santa's plate of milk, cookies and carrots) she put the camera next to her bed so that she could "take a picture of santa when he comes with his reindeer and i'm going to feed them carrots". so cute!!

it's 19 minutes until christmas day, and peter and i are done for the night...

merry christmas to all, and to all, a good night :)

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