Friday, February 19, 2010

a little about emery

not to be outdone - emery is growing by leaps and bounds too! she has 6 teeth now, the first two appeared right after the other on her 6 month birthday. she's now 10 months old, and is so, so close to walking. she has taken a few steps from mommy or daddy to the table, or ottoman, but only if there is something interesting there :) she says "uh-oh" if she drops something or falls down, and responds to you if you say woof-woof, or bye-bye... she waves, and reaches, and is 17 lbs! she adores her big sister, craning her neck to always keep an eye on what she's doing, and rewarding her silly behaviour with lots of big laughs. their newest 'trick' is squawking matches - great fun for mommy & daddy...

emery loves to eat anything and everything we're eating. she yells for us to share what we're eating or drinking, and will climb over any obstacle to get to an edible destination. she nurses like a gymnast- twisting her body all over the place, kicking her feet, arms wandering. her cloth bootie is now fitting 12-18 months or larger, and i can't wait for summer so she can show off her cute covers. she's loving the water right now, too - another reason we can't wait for warmer weather.

we just got our biggest snowfall yet this year last tuesday, and though it was half-gone the next day, we had time to go out and play in it. emery observed most of the wintry beauty from the comfort of my hip, but she also got a little sled ride, both solo and with avery.

she's making all kinds of funny faces and noises now too - trying to mimic everything we do. she's a fairly light sleeper, and doesn't like covers or blankets on her at all. she naps a little in her crib, but shares nighttime with us. we wouldn't have it any other way...

although she doesn't have any hair (still) she has beautiful blue eyes and a fabulous smile that catches peoples attention, even from across the room, and compels them to talk to her. she usually rewards them with a shy smile and then buries her head in my shoulder. sometimes she'll start a game of peek-a-boo with them, too.

i can't even describe how much i love this precious time with her. she is just...delightful.

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