Thursday, May 15, 2008

avery had her 15 month checkup today..she is a happy, healthy girl. she is now 32 inches, and 21.7 lbs. she absolutely hates getting measured and weighed - she had big crocodile tears for both. the doctor was very happy with her appetite and diet...but warned me that her willingness to eat everything would probably start changing soon :) she showed off for the doctor, climbing up and down her chair and saying her words. i had an enjoyable visit with the doctor, and was able to ask questions about when we take her to the dentist (not until she's at least 2 and able to cooperate in the chair), what kind of sunscreen and bug repellant to use (a visit to Whole Foods is in order), what i'm learning about vaccines, ( Dr. Sears' book "the vaccine book" is my latest), about the importance of the first year of life ( she told me about a recent study that was really interesting)... it's amazing to me what a difference the doctor you visit with can make. when we first started going here, we had a different doctor who made me feel as though i wasn't caring for avery if i didn't agree with everything she said. i would get so nervous before the visit, and always left feeling as though i had done something wrong, or fallen short of their expectations. then i met rachel, and have scheduled every appointment with her since then. i love her!! i respect her opinions, and feel like she really respects my decisions with avery...i didn't realize how important that was! avery and i both left the visit with big smiles on our faces.

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