Wednesday, May 21, 2008

new teeth

avery is getting more teeth! she already has a little mouthful, including some molars, but you can see it's all red and swollen, with little white tips, where her eye teeth are coming in. peter calls them her fang teeth :)

we called grandma the other day, and at first avery was shy to talk to her on the phone, but after watching daddy a little bit, she wanted in on the fun! she told grandma all kinds of stories that we didn't understand, except a little about bailee, and pretty.

peter asked her this morning if she wanted a little sister...she said no. then he asked if she wanted a little brother...she said no. he asked "do you want to be the only baby" and she gave him a big smile and said "baby!" guess that's our answer for now :)

avery's goldfish already died...before we even named them! mommy obviously has some serious issues when it comes to takking care of fish!

avery is going to her first hip-hop concert this weekend...we're going to see her friend elise's daddy perform! we can't wait to what she does, because she really loves to sing and dance to music, and we've been practicing our hip-hop moves :)

on a side note: i didn't have to go all the way up to whole foods to find sunscreen and bug repellant...i went into babies'r'us the other day, and they had the 'jason' brand of both! so i got a sunscreen bottle, and some of their bug repellant, and just ordered a sunscreen stick from california baby online. babies'r'us actually had alot of new stuff-organic snacks and drinks, household cleaners, laundry detergent, diapers and wipes from seventh generation, all natural bath and body products from methodbaby...yay!

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