Tuesday, January 13, 2009

happy new year!

we hope everyone had wonderful holidays - we sure did!
avery is so much fun. christmas day started at 7am when she came to our bed as usual. we snuggled for a couple minutes, and then went to get breakfast and open presents. when we finally went into the living room, she said "oh my god, christmas tree!" and pointed at the tree, like she does every time she sees a christmas tree. we had to point out the presents, even though the easel from grandma and grandpa was huge, and so was the stove that daddy finished for her. she was definitely overwhelmed - i think one gift would have been just fine with her. i love it!

avery & bailee

checking out the new stove

thanks grandma & grandpa!

when we were done at our house, we drove over to nana & papa's for all the excitement there. avery was definitely overwhelmed at this point, and just wanted to play. we went home for naps and relaxing before going back over to nana's for dinner. i don't have any pictures yet, but her favorite gifts from nana & papa were her very own bitty baby doll, wooden "animalz" and a nightgown with matching slippers. it was a merry christmas :)

here is avery enjoying some of her christmas presents:

she loves her easel!

a penguin towel from uncle mike & auntie heather

in their beautiful christmas dresses,
avery + chloe = bff

this is from a little before Christmas, Avery wanted to demonstrate what an amazing musician she is already...

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