Wednesday, January 14, 2009

children's museum

we went to the children's museum last friday with our friends chloe, elise & issac, and their moms christina and leah. so much fun! we went into a huge climbing structure, where of course avery had to go to the very top and get herself stuck up 7 months pregnant, i had to squeeze into these spaces obviously meant for toddlers, and rescue my poor baby girl :) of course, when i fit through, i felt empowered and continued to climb through the rest of was (besides the elastic on my jeans rolling down)alot of fun!

we also played with the water table, the frozen shadows, the make believe neighborhood, music room, the bubbles, the curvy crawler and avery's favorite: the ambulance! some pictures are blurry, but that's because we couldn't get the girls to stop moving!

this is the climbing structure...

avi & mommy

avery & chloe to the rescue!


chloe, avery & elise

she was loving the water!

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