Saturday, February 14, 2009

in recent news...

we've been really low-key lately due to my being bedridden for the last month (baby Q is fine, but my body is a little broken :) SI joint dysfunction sure takes a long time to heal...) thank God for peter, family & friends who have kept me going :) anyways, because of that, we haven't had alot going on.

here's a peekaboo video:

avery playing with her hat & gloves this morning:

avi & daddy a couple days ago:

nana brought over some disguises for avery & mommy to play with:

and these are a little bit older...

from when i could still feed avery lunch in the kitchen, and not off my bed :), i think she looks adorable, and she was so funny checking herself out in the mirror.

we sure do love that she is such a snuggler!

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