Wednesday, April 14, 2010

happy birthday, emery jane!

you are one!

you are such an amazing little person. you are beautiful, with your little bald head and your toothy smile. you light up not only mommy & daddy's face, but avery's too. everywhere we go, people are compelled to talk to you or about you - your eyes, your smile, your attentiveness, your toes. one year ago today was one of the most wonderful, important, life-changing days of my life. i'm so thankful for the opportunity to have you. you filled a void in our lives that we didn't even realize we had.

you have seven teeth, you are taking steps, you are saying words like mama, dada,hello, wow, i love you, and even things that sound alot like avery and bailee. you love playing peek-a-boo, and singing songs, reading books, and particularly throwing things...anythings...
you wouldn't let us take smiley pictures of you today, but we did get a few of your serious, contemplative face. that's okay, because we see that face alot, too. you often look so serious that people think you're mad...i think it's because you're a thinker, someone who mulls things over...i guess time will tell. we took some pictures of you in front of the forsythia bush - that's because i always think of you when i see those beautiful yellow flowers. when i was pregnant for you, i would dream of what it would be like when you were here, and one thing i knew for sure was that our forsythia bush would be in bloom. we also took a picture with a magnolia flower - another springtime bloom, just like you.
you are precious - oh, so precious. you are loved - oh, so loved.
you have already changed the world.

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