Tuesday, April 13, 2010

pooping on the potty?!? (not for the squeamish)

yep, that's right. emery went poop on the potty today. crazy! she was fussing like she usually does when her diaper is dirty, so i went to change it. when i laid her on the changing table, and undid the diaper, she had only gone a little bit, so i went towards the bathroom to wipe her off. as we went, she pulled her legs up underneath her, still fussing, so i put her feet on the front of the toilet seat and squatted her little butt back towards the bowl. she immediately stopped fussing, looked down, and pooped! she looked back up at me, smiled, and i cheered her on. looked back down, pooped, looked up, laughed, looked down, pooped, and then stood up on the seat! i asked if she was "all done", and she laughed and lunged at me. so, i cleaned her up, fussiness all over, put a diaper on her, and she went about her day. CRAZY!

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